Asteraceae is a wooden bathroom sink designed and sculpted to optimally direct water to the drain keeping the inner surface as clear of water as possible. Based on recent research, the surface of untreated wood dries faster than other surfaces like plastic or metal and also has antibacterial properties.

The metallic drain cover follows the form of the wooden surface highlighting the continuous surface composed by two materials. The cover is ornamented with an elegant phyllotaxis pattern present in sunflowers and pine cones amongst others. Asteraceae refers to a family of flowering plants, most of them featuring a phyllotaxis pattern.

The form is carved into a block of elm using a CNC milling machine and finalized by hand. The metallic drain cover was 3D printed, cast, sanded, and polished until adequate surface finish was acquired. The sink can be fixed into the wall or placed on an existing platform. The item sits on top of supports raising the wood from the platform, keeping adequate ventilation of possible moist collecting areas. The sink is an independent element and it is not in direct contact with the water tap.

moisture dissipation in wooden surface (timelapse video)