Composite Surfaces

Self-Folding Composite Surfaces is an experimental form study where a 2D surface is subtly transformed into a 3D form. The transformation process is documented and analyzed; every new iteration includes improvements that aim for a better transition of forms.

The mesmerizing movement and consequent transformation of surfaces is the result of a collaboration between experimentation, documentation, and trial and error. Dozens of iterations were tested in order to understand and eventually find suitable combination of material, form, and other variables. The best results are featured in a short presentation video showing the movement in fast motion.

The smooth transitional movement becomes the purpose of the study and is the main experimentation result; how static surfaces interact with water and, without the need of any other external force or energy, a process is triggered and an irreversible transformation phase silently takes place in front of a camera waiting to document the motion and captivate the viewer.

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